Discover Wanneperveen during your vacation at Waterpark Belterwiede

If you have booked a holiday or weekend away at Waterpark Belterwiede, chances are that a visit to the village of Wanneperveen is on your to do list. With the cozy village center and the beautiful location on the water the perfect place for water (sports) lovers. Even if you prefer to avoid the tourist bustle of the village of Giethoorn, located 7.5 km away, Wanneperveen is a good holiday destination. Here you will only find peace, space, water and nature ...

Wanneperveen - History of the village

Wanneperveen is also popularly known as "Wannepervene". If you get into a conversation with a villager, chances are that you will hear this name. The name Wanneperveen refers to the peat and the small river that used to pass by the village: Wannepe. Wan means little and EPA or APA water.

The village is a typical ribbon village that used to be located on high moorland that was mined from the Meppelerdiep. Originally the village was further to the west, but due to the mining the village shifted to the east after the 15th century, where a new church was built at that time.

In the 16th and 17th centuries the village of Wanneperveen was relatively prosperous due to the peat extraction and the sale of peat. Further exploitation of the village was no longer possible in the 18th century. As a result, the residents had to look for other income and this was done through agricultural activities and duck catching. This eventually resulted in poverty in the 18th century.

At the end of the 18th century the Huisman family started a punterwerf at the Kettingbrug, at the Westeinde of the village. This bridge was across the canal from the BelterALE lake to the southern end of the country: the most important passage to the village of Giethoorn. The yard built different types of vessels such as the "Gieterse boties" and "Gieterse punters". The yard closed its doors in 1945.

Wanneperveen - The resort for water recreation

The recreation and tourism sector is currently of great importance for the village. In addition to the Waterpark Belterwiede holiday park, you will find various campsites and marinas here. All of these facilities are concentrated on the banks of the BelterALE, between the Westeinde and the Blauwe hand.

Which activities and sights in Wanneperveen you really should have seen:

Schulte house
A former official residence of the schout from 1612 with stepped gable. One of the few real old buildings in the village

The Wieden National Park
National Park de Wieden is only a few minutes away from the holiday park. Here you can go hiking or cycling. With its impressive flora and fauna and a feast for the eyes!

Wanneperveen watchtower
At such a pak ém 2.6 km from the holiday park you will find the lookout tower. From the lookout tower you can look out over the water and you can spot special bird species here.

Kiersche Wijdepad
The Kiersche Wijdepad is a few minutes from the holiday park. When you walk the Kiersche Wide Path, you experience the Wieden at its best. Browse along draft holes and open water. Especially in the summer you can fully enjoy birds such as the carekite, reed bunting and water rail.