Enjoy a cruise in Giethoorn

Cruise Giethoorn: Take a cruise through the Venice of the North - Giethoorn during your stay at Waterpark Belterwiede in Wanneperveen. You are going to enjoy in Giethoorn!

Giethoorn is a unique village in the head of Overijssel that consists of only 3000 inhabitants and was founded in around 1170 when many goat horns were found that were killed by the floods at the time. Over the years, the settlement that was called Geytenhorn has changed to the name Giethoorn as we know it today and you can do a cruise in Giethoorn that is absolutely worth it.

Due to the paintwork hundreds of years ago, more and more people settled on the Dorpsgracht that was dug for increasing peat transport. Gradually more canals were dug and in 2013 Giethoorn consists of a lot of small canals and the special thing is that transport in Giethoorn nowadays is still mainly with the help of punts. These are propelled by a punt tree. This is comparable to the gondolas in the real Venice.

Giethoorn has a very rich history and due to the unique structure of the village, a cruise in Giethoorn is an activity that you will experience like no other. After all, it is very special to find a village in this time, where the way of moving is still the same as centuries ago.

You can participate in a cruise in Giethoorn, where you get to see all the notable places in the village. If you stay at Vakantiepark Giethoorn, Giethoorn is just a stone's throw away and can be reached via land and water. You can also explore Giethoorn with your own boat from Vakantiepark Giethoorn. Whether you participate in a cruise in Giethoorn or go on a cruise yourself, it is definitely worth it.

A cruise in Giethoorn will leave a deep impression on you, because although the village is special because of the many canals, the village is also very characteristic with countless arched bridges and many thatched farmhouses. The nickname Hollands-Venice is not for nothing, because you actually think you are in Venice, but from home. In short, a cruise in Giethoorn is an absolute must. You are going to enjoy!